What Operating System?

I installed Debian seven years ago. Since then, I have tried countless of other Debian based Linux distributions, but my main distribution has always been Debian. Since few weeks now, I'm experiencing with Void, so far, it's a really nice distribution.

What editor?

My first Linux distribution was Mandriva, installed in 2006. And if I correctly remember, Emacs was already present after the installation. Since then, I never really tried to use another editor. You can find my modest Emacs config here.

Have you heard about Magit? Have you heard about the Emacs restclient?

What version control?

Version control is a system that records changes to a file or set of files over time so that you can recall specific versions later and blablabla ... I'm using git. I'm very slowly learning to use Mercurial

What terminal multiplexer?

Is it really possible to grow as a Linux user without using a terminal multiplexer? Please do yourself a favor, and go read about it.

What packages?

I keep a lot of shell scripts. Among them, there is that one, to install all the Debian packages I often need on my computer.

What RSS feeds?

I was recently asked during an interview, how do I do to stay informed about the latest trends in the software industry. Besides spending lots of time browsing Twitter, here is a list of some of the places where I find interesting informations:

Above, you've just discovered what is a mostly comprehensive list of the tools that I use regularly for my work. Do I need to tell you that all opinions expressed here are my own?

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