Old-School Social Networking or, an attempt to promote.


Free Software/Open Source communities.

Alessandro Balzano

An Italian front-end engineer and web developer. Has been doing a lot of work with Rust and WebAssembly lately.


Appears to be a Python developer and sysadmin. Most of his website is in French.

Bryce Lynch

URL: https://drwho.virtadpt.net/

A sysadmin and information security practitioner. He asked me to add his link, so here it is. He blogs about DIY, tech, news, wacky hijinks, hacking, Free/Open Source Software, and lots of other stuff.

Gergely Nagy

URL: https://asylum.madhouse-project.org/

A Debian developer, GPL advocate, and mechanical keyboard enthusiast. This guy gets his keyboards custom-made, writes the firmware, and then writes configuration GUIs. I like his attitude toward obnoxious tech recruiters, too.

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