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Backend application development; Object-Oriented Analysis; Design and Development; Relational databases systems; Agile methodologies

Developer with 8 years experience in building tailored solutions to meet ever-changing business requirements. Advanced skill with programming tools complemented by the proven ability to learn and rapidly utilize new technologies.


Operating Systems GNU/Linux Debian and derivatives, Void
Programming Python, Lisp, Bash, Php, Golang
Frameworks Django, Flask, Bottle
RDBMS Sqlite, PostgreSQL
Toolbelt Tmux, Emacs, SSH, LXC, Git, Hg, Pelican, Hugo, Nginx, Make, Ansible
Prefers not to touch Ionic2, AngularJS, React, CSS, Windows
Spoken languages French (native), Lingala (native), English (TOEFL 2005)

Professional experience

Logilab Developer october 2018 to present

  • Review some of the in-house software components (cubes) and make them:
    • installable via pip
    • Python2 and Python3 compatible.
    • pass unittests
    • (some of them) run inside Docker containers
  • Contribute to the rewrite of Logilab.fr website:
    • write migration scripts to retrieve content from old website using cwclientlib
    • configure Pelican static site generator
  • Write a migration script to automate cube migration
  • Do (a little bit of) code review

Brief.me Developer february to june 2018

  • Optimizing Django Admin rendering process (raw_id_fields, readonly_fields, queryset filtering)
  • Implementing student offer
  • Maintainance and features addition for the news platforms:
  • Doing a little bit of SysAdmin:
    • Configuring and setting up web servers and SSL certificates (Nginx + Let's Encrypt).
    • Configuring project deployment (Supervisor, Gunicorn, Django, Celery).

XCG Consulting Developer february 2017 to january 2018

  • Dockerizing Django projects to ease the deployment process.
  • Updating building process and drop the use of buildout.
  • Configuring Drone as the CI system.
  • Moving the Xbus.io website from Django-cms, to Hugo.
  • Maintainance and features addition for the e-commerce platforms:
  • Monitoring production servers via Sentry, & taking required actions if necessary.
  • Providing technical support to end users.

Sharonomy SA Developer january to march 2017

Writing backend components for the CarAmigo Platform for an easy user registration process. Writing new features to let CarAmigo users manage their profile right inside the CarAmigo mobile application.

Soon S.A. Lead developer 2015 to 2016

Updating the AfricaFilms.tv VOD platform back-office to give right owners access to revenue data for the AfricaFilms.tv youtube channel.

Soon S.A. Lead developer 2015 to 2016

Design and implementation of a more generic payment system for the AfricaFilms.tv VOD platform, enabling customers to choose from a larger number of payment gateways. Actually: PayPal Digital Goods, PayDunya.

West African Photo Press Agency. Lead developer 2014 to 2015

Implementation of an administration back-office for an e-commerce platform that will let a group of journalists manage their catalog and share or sell their press photos online.

Soon S.A. Lead developer 2014 to 2016

Adding streaming capabilities to the africafilms.tv VOD platform, using HLS adaptative streaming technology, and let users read their movies directly in the the browser.

Soon S.A. Lead developer 2011 to 2014

Built an API for the AfricaFilms.tv VOD platform to let our users access their movies via our custom android movie player.

Soon S.A. Lead developer 2011 to 2016

Maintaining the system, updating software, doing support, fixing bugs for the AfricaFilms.tv VOD platform.

FullSelf. Developer 2011 to 2012

Built a geolocation system and an invoice system for FullSelf, an online payment system designed to help entrepreneurs do international business without any credit card.


Pierre Chrzanowski, Patrick Nsukami, Tangui Morlier, July 2013: Exploring Senegal public procurements, how we turned pdf files to browsable datas. Open Contracting Community.

Formal Education


Master in software engineering; Institut Supérieur d'Informatique, Dakar, Senegal

Project title: How to build an electronic cart (JSF, EJB)

Bachelor informatics; Institut des Sciences de l'Ingénieur, Dakar, Senegal

Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (electronics); Le "G15", Dakar, Senegal

Open source contributions

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