The truth is, I was working on a post about mount namespaces, but my brain is actually in slow mode, so I decided to write this one, simple to write, simple to read, simple to digest.


I do not often contribute to free and open source software, I mean, code related contribution. But when I do, this is how it happens:

  • Be inside a fast food, with your friend
  • Order some nuggets
  • Wait to be served, and get inside a random geeky discussion
  • Let your friend talk to you about this issue he want to fix
  • You know your friend know you know how to correctly do the fix
  • Let your friend talk to you a little bit more about the bug
  • Once back home, download the source code of the project
  • Make the project work in your RaspberryPi
  • Get confused by some parts of the code base
  • Understand clearly what is the issue
  • Create a fix for the initial problem, and send a pull request
  • Wait
  • Discuss with the main contributors about the fix you sent
  • Update your fix if necessary
  • Wait
  • See your pull request merged
  • Celebrate
  • If possible send some more commits

Not contributing?

I don't think everybody should contribute to free and open source software, I mean code related contribution. Do not feel bad if you don't. Now, if you really want to kon-truh-byoo-te, this is what may be required about you:

  • Having some expertise about the languages, the frameworks used to build the project
  • Being interested either by the project itself, or by the tools used to build the project
  • Willing to read a lot, source code, issues, pull requests, threads of discussions, ...
  • Being motivated, patient, calm, polite, open minded, ...
  • Knowing exactly why you want to contribute, the key

Yeah, contributing

Now that I know you want to contribute to free and open source software, please, keep in mind, it's okay:

  • to ask questions
  • to not fully understand the whole thing
  • to wait during a long time before the maintainer read your pull request
  • to see your pull request not accepted
  • to give up

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